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Jul 6, 2006 at 2:17 PM
Hi there, got this installed and its looking very cool, rolled my little test out to a few people here and we've had some discussions going on how to use it.

reviewing the threads i've realised that the 'Last Post' time is actually the time that the first post occured rather than when the last post occured. It also picks up the Last Post user as the threads creator.

A small point too, the Last Post lists the time in 12hr clock and the actual posts list it in 24hr clock.

Last thing (honest :) ) The root discussion group catagory overview - is this always a forced update (via the admin) to keep the stats on last posts times current or does it automatically check it on a refresh at some point?

Its a top web part this, im looking at rolling it out as our core forums page! :)
Jul 6, 2006 at 2:25 PM
Yes - me too. It is so much better than standard Sharepoint.

We used it as a very active trial, and it really was the bits you mentioned that caused its usage to slow and then stop.

Users just couldn't see which topics had had a recent post. With the 'last post' date/time fixed (and ordering topics with the topics with the most recent post first), out it goes to our 2,000 users, who are clamouring for it!