The SharePoint Forums Web Part is a web part that allows you to go beyond the stock discussion boards that SharePoint has to offer. It provides threaded discussions that can be categorized and grouped into logical views for your users, much like how typical forum software on the internet today behaves.

In addition as this is a SharePoint Web Part, it leverages SharePoint's capabilities by:
  • Leverages SharePoint fully by using Lists to store information (instant installer, just drop it on a page)
  • Uses all built-in SharePoint graphics
  • Conforms to whatever theme/CSS changes you've made to your WSS Site/Portal to fit in with the look and feel you have
  • No membership or login required, just visiting the page that the Forum lives on will add the user to the system
  • Security trimming so users without access to a forum/category won't see it

The software is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License. The full license can be found on the License tab here on CodePlex and here on the Creative Commons site.

This basically means that:
  • Commercial use of the Web Part is allowed
  • Modifications (including derivative works) of the Web Part are allowed as long as they are released under the same license as this one

Please respect it when using, modifying, and sharing the Forums Web Part.

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