List Data structure of SharePoint Forums

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May 23, 2006 at 4:59 PM
Hi again,

I believe I have documented the List Data structure of the web part. (To do this, just open the SharePoint site in FrontPage, unhide the Lists and go to the "AllItems.aspx" pages of each.)

Is the below information correct? I believe this might be of use to those trying to troubleshoot or add new features to your web part.


*ID Integer/Identity field - Key field
Title Text - If post is the first in a Topic, then value = Subject line, otherwise value = (none).
TopicID Number - spforums_topics.ID
UserID Number - spforums_users.ID
Body Multi-line Text - HTML content of the body of the message, enclosed within <div> tags.

*ID Integer/Identity field - Key field for "CategoryID"
Title Text - Name of Category (i.e. "Test Category 1")
SortOrder Number - Unknown. Adding a Category defaults this to 0. "Test Category 1" has a value of 1. No option in the GUI to rearrange Categories.

*ID Integer/Identity field - Key field for "ForumID"
Title Text - Name of forum (i.e. "Test Forum 1")
CategoryID Number - spforums_category.ID
Description Multi-line Text - Description of the forum ("This is just a test forum, nothing special here.")
SortOrder Number - Unknown use. Always empty.
TopicCount Number - Unknown use. Always empty.
PostCount Number - Unknown use. Always empty.

*ID Integer/Identity field - Key field for "TopicID"
Title Text - Topic text (i.e. "Welcome to your new SharePoint Forum.")
ForumID Number - spforums_forums.ID
Views Number - Count field for views on a topic
NumPosts Number - Unknown use. Always empty.
TopicStarterID Number - Appears to be a flag field for some unknown function. Always set to "1"
May 23, 2006 at 5:00 PM
*UserID Number - Key field for "UserID"
Title Text - User's Name
NumPosts Number - Number of posts by this user
LastVisit DateTime - Last "login" time, not the time of his/her last post
IsAdmin Checkbox - Yes = Forum Administrator
Groups Text - GroupID's to which this user belongs, separated by semicolons

spsforumsforumaccess << Note the nomenclature change to "sps"
Title Text - Binary number representing permissions:
1000000000000000000000 = Reader
1111100000000000000000 = Contributor
1111100000010000000000 = Administrator
ForumID Number - spforums_forums.ID, however there is a "Forum 0". Unknown purpose.
GroupID Number - spsforums_groups.ID

spsforums_groups << Again, note the nomenclature change to "sps"
*ID Integer/identity field - Key field for "GroupID"
Title Text - Name of forum security group (Reader, Contributor, Administrator, etc.)
May 23, 2006 at 5:03 PM
In the prior post, the name of the List is:

spsforums underscore forum underscore access.

(I think THIS forum made that italic because forum was surrounded by underscores.)
May 23, 2006 at 6:49 PM
Thanks. I'll post the information on the Wiki when I get a chance. Although I'm worried about your comment "add new features to your web part" as the system won't allow modifications to the structure.
May 24, 2006 at 3:29 AM
Thanks for the info. I've created a Wiki page with some more details and will fill in more as I can find time.

List Structure Wiki Page: