User information (properties) cross site lookup. Is it possible in SharePoint?

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Mar 27, 2008 at 4:11 PM
I am working on IT Support page (Custom List) for our SharePoint IT site. I want to create a simple workflow in SP Designer that will set user information like Department, Email, Name, Phone automatically into IT Support Request fields without user input and send email to IT team.
So far I had success only with fields: CreatebBy, UpdatedBy and nothing else. Seems like impossible to set data into the other fields based on the user. We use Active Directory and looks like it synched with User Information List (located at on the portal site without problems.
1) I tried to download Workflow actions/activities from ( and use “Lookup site user property” action. This option won’t allow me to choose any lists but the ones on the site I am currently located. In this case this is an IT site, not portal.
2) Also, I installed “Cross-Site Lookup” as a column information type. This way I am able to access portal and User Information List and display one of the properties(fields) in the dropdown on the IT support Request page. For example if I choose email, it displays all emails that is on User Information List. That’s not exactly what I am looking for. I looking for something along the lines of: email in the dropdown will be automatically selected based on current user.
Does anyone know how to accomplish this without writing custom actions, data types, webparts or something else? I was looking for the solution for the last 2 days so any help is greatly appreciated.