Few questions... Answers please!!!

Apr 3, 2008 at 1:54 PM
Hi all,

I have a few questions in need of answers. Can any of you clear them for me? Here are they... All of these questions are only for WSS 2.0/MOSS 2003.

1. How can I identify whether a SharePoint is installed in a machine or not? Any Registry Keys?? If I take Registry keys as a confirming object, I don't see any such Registry keys in SBS 2003. Or any Ids?? Any ideas???

2. Is there a tool/method to list out the portal sites(with port number) available in a machine? I want to know what are all the portal sites present in a sharepoint environment. I do know using STSADM.exe we can list the top-level sites and their sub-sites. But how do I know the portal-sites' URLs? Do I have a way to query a specific database table to retrieve all the portal sites?

I believe some one will answer these questions. Please help me. I would be glad even if the answer for these questions is "IMPOSSIBLE". Awaiting the help...

Thanks in advance,
Nesan Joseph R