Who is using SPForums?

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Aug 19, 2008 at 3:11 PM

I am impressed with the SPForums concept and lots of the work behind it, but there are some rough edges (including lack of WSSv3 (2007) support, and a growing number of items in the issues tracker). I recently ported SPForums to WSSv3 (from info in the community posts) and started finding strange behaviors such as:

  1. Port required postback code that might break other web parts.
  2. Topic subjects aren't normally asked for, so they show up as blank.
  3. Replies is displaying as -1 because the NumPosts isn't being updated for Topics in the underlying lists.
(I suspect that these issues were in the WSSv2 (2003) version)

It's great that the community is able to help us get through these issues, but I would like to know:
  1. Is using SPForums in production?
  2. Is this a dead project?