User management - I'm not entirely clear how that works

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Jul 4, 2006 at 4:51 AM
I can see Sharepoint Forum has it's own list of users in:


However I have some curious questions:

1) On the Members list accessed in the web part itself is listed the user name, email address, date joined and number of posts. Where doe sthe email address come from. I see no way of addig one and have the perplexing siituation of one user without one listed!? The abovementioned list doesn't store the mail address, so where is it coming from?

2) How do I add users? Do I use this list? There's no tool on the Members link in the web part. And this list is very cryptic at first glance. Do I have to choose a User ID? Do I have to get thename matching with some other source for the email to happen 9(s in 1 above)?

I'm a bit lost here and would like my whole team to give this a whizz, but don't know why some are on that list and others are not nor how to add the others. All the team members are using the WSS site and can post to WSS discussions I believe. It's TFS project portal so there could be some trickery to do with that and I'm already used to user account weirdnes (with the TFS, SQL server, WSS independent yet interdependent components!
Jul 4, 2006 at 4:55 AM
So many questions, so many answers.

The email comes from whatever email they have stored in their SharePoint profile. You don't add users, they simply visit the page where the web part lives and they'll be added.

If there are users without email addresses, check their profile to see if they have one set. When they do this, you should see the email on the Members page.