Bug in forum Admin??

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Aug 16, 2006 at 7:22 PM
I use a CEWP to hide the quick launch bar, and when it's hidden and I try to manage the permissions it does not display properly on the screen. I only get to see the checkboxes for the available permissions.

I hide the quick launch bar by adding the following code in a CEWP:
display: none;

The on the Forum Webpart do the following:

Admin -> Forums -> Manage permissions (Any forum) -> Edit (Any of the group permissions. When you do this you will only see the checkboxes listed and not the actual permission (Read, Add, edit, delete)

The other issue I noticed is that when you submit the new permissions it takes you out of the admin part and back to the forums. Can it be changed so that when you submit new permissions that it just takes you back to the forums admin section so you can quickly modify the next forum?