Coding Standards

The source code for the SharePoint Forums Web Part follows some basic standards with regards to formmatting, naming, and organization. This page describes those standards.

All code is organized by region. There are 7 standard regions:
  • Using Directives
  • Fields
  • Constructors
  • Properties
  • Public Methods
  • Protected Methods
  • Private Methods
Code in each source file will be in one of these regions.

Access to private member variables is only allowed through public or protected properties. Any business rules go into the property code so no variable should be accessed directly (even in a constructor).

Naming Conventions
Private methods and member variables (including local variables) are to be written in camlCase. Public methods and properties use PascalCase. Examples:
  • private getUserId();
  • private int id;
  • public GetAllUsers();
  • public string Name { get { return name; } }

Initializing Variables
Any native types, collections, etc. should be initialized in their declaration rather than in constructors. This prevents any issues of variables not initialized in multiple constructors.

Do this:
public class Forum
  private Hashtable userHashTable = new Hashtable();

  public Forum()

Not this:
public class Forum
  private Hashtable userHashTable;

  public Forum()
    userHashTable = new Hashtable();

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