Feature List

Here’s a list of the features that are being worked on and those that are planned (my wishlist).

Currently Being Worked On For Future Release
  • Import tool to read in and convert existing discussion list messages (not sure how the mapping to categories will go here)
  • Ability to sync a forum up to an external NNTP server and newsgroup(s)
  • Topic/message search

Wish List
These are items that have been requested, were planned, but have yet to be scheduled or decided on.
  • Email notifications from topics, replies, etc.
  • Locking of topics (so nobody but admin can add posts)
  • Password protect forum (not sure if this is needed)
  • Sticky topics/announcement type posts
  • Active topics list (return a list of all topics with replies)
  • Inactive topics
  • New topics (show topics since your last visit)
  • Print topics
  • Supports smileys/emoticons
  • Jump to forum feature (a small drop down box on the page to quickly navigate around)
  • Mark all unread messages read (messages don’t have a read/unread state now so this will be a large change)
  • Paged navigation of topics

Some of these features will come automatically (like RSS and Email) with version 2.0 of the Web Part, which will ship with SharePoint 2007 (and is being actively worked on so you’ll have a release as soon as the product is ready later this year).

If you have any more feel free to send them my way.

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