Meet the Team

The internet is a cold, unforgiving place so why not spice things up with some personable people like the team members of this project. Here's the team responsible for the SharePoint Forums Web Part.

Bil Simser
Bil Simser lives and works in Alberta, Canada, as an independent Solutions Architect Consultant. He has been in software development for over 15 years and has helped build many large-scale mission critical systems along the way. Working at Canadian Pacific Railway for almost 10 years with the development community there, he established best practices, development standards and guidelines, evaluated and recommended new tools and technologies, and helped teams and projects progress into the .NET world.

Bil has been involved with Microsoft's .NET platform since the early betas and has a deep passion for good Architecture and Software Design. He runs several successful open-source projects and helps out where he can in the .NET, Agile, and SharePoint communities through participation in numerous online forums, newsgroups and mailing lists, and speaking at user groups and public technology conferences.

Bil has been a Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server MVP since 2004, a member of the MSDN Canada Speakers Bureau, and a pretty nifty guy when you get to know him (or so the story goes).

Bil's Websites:
Personal Page
SharePoint Blog

Paul Schaeflein
Paul Schaeflein is a developer with over twenty years experience. Paul has been developing dynamic and interactive web sites since 1996. Paul has worked on all of the versions of SharePoint and has worked with the .Net framework since its debut. You can reach Paul through his blog at

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